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    RapidSpec specialises in creating innovative and helpful software for door manufacturers, allowing them to easily schedule and streamline the specification of different types of door and Door Set.

    This means quotations are easier, faster and more complete, allowing more quotations per user. We’ve been continuously improving our software for over two decades, with an endless devotion to quality and client satisfaction at the core of everything that we do.

    Accurate Pre-Hung Door Schedules

    Our software helps door manufacturing companies create custom schedules with flexibility and ease – and a full suite of every relevant detail. RapidSpec is updating all material, labour and Net Profit as you add items to any Door Set.
    The automated nature of this process significantly reduces or eliminates errors in specification, calculating the exact budget with every detail that goes into the schedule. This is especially important for pre-hung doors – with the additional components required. Without RapidSpec, the administrative work collating all of the required components into an accurate bill of materials is again significant and takes selling time away from estimators. There are over 20 automatically created component lists available at the click of a button. These include all of the components used in the entire project. One of our customers says “We have reduced our average lead time buy an average of 1 week, just due to being able to create our buying lists instantaneously”.

    Automatic Pre-Hung Door Drawings

    Another key part of this software is its ability to quickly and automatically create comprehensive drawings of any Door Set; this shows the team everything they’re likely to need – and how to put the product together. You could instantly send the pre-hung door drawing to your client and get their final approval, alongside any minor changes or feedback. By using RapidSpec software to manage your door drawing creation, you can easily streamline every stage of the process.