This clever tool allows you to measure your current productivity levels & see exactly what little improvements in productivity have on your Net Profit. It’s Brilliant!

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    We’ve spent over 20 years perfecting one single product to carry out one single objective: The production of door schedules with automatic pricing, automatic drawings, bills of material and cutting lists. You really are looking at the world’s No.1 product for this task.

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    Use RapidSpec for 3 months. If you are not convinced that you are getting a significant return on your investment (yes within 3 months) we will uninstall the software return any moneys paid and credit any outstanding invoices. You will have paid nothing.

    • No financial risk.
    • No capital outlay.
    • 20-30% more customer quotations.
    • Cloud-based system available

    About Derek Brown MD

    Original designer and developer of RapidSpec.

    Derek is the laziest person on planet earth! If anything is hard work or time consuming in any way, he won’t do it. When he first started developing databases he once spent an entire week solving the issue of what is the correct week number for any given date, just because he didn’t want to type the number into a box. No that is lazy!

    Being from a manufacturing background, Derek really does understand how to make things. In the 80s one of his main customers, Argos retail, repeatedly ordered more and more product.

    With finite manufacturing space, equipment and staff the only way to supply quantity on time was to increase productivity. So getting more out of the same became a way of life and an absolute necessity. This was equally necessary in administration.

    “I’ve often noted that whilst many companies invest significant amounts in machinery for the shop floor there is a lack of investment in the office, specifically administration. To this end RapidSpec is just another tool. Better tools better output per operator.

    It’s as simple as that.” So if you want to make the most of a product produced by the laziest man on earth try RapidSpec and see what it can do for your company.

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