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    Database Design (UK) Ltd was formed in 2002. The company produces bespoke office administration and automation software. One of the company’s first tasks was to automate an inefficient works order processing system for a door manufacturing company in the Midlands. During the study of their workflow it became evident that the company was losing customers and orders due to the time taken to produce quotations. The process that the company was using was complex and inefficient, so RapidSpec revolutionised it, making it simple and efficient!

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    With RapidSpec you can find any doorset’s details from any customer and any project in 15 seconds. No more time searching for files and folders or sorting through paperwork on a desk, it’s all right in front of you on your screen immediately. No more “Give me a couple of minutes” or “I’ll call you back” only to find that the contact has gone to lunch or even on holiday. With RapidSpec everything is instant. Find the doorset in question, confirm details, make changes, delete or duplicate a doorsets and send your customer a new drawing or an entire project while they are still on the telephone. In the eyes of your customers that is smart! And often that is all it needs to push an order in your direction.

    Our clients consistently share with us that their customers now prefer the (RapidSpec) drawing quote over the traditional spreadsheet schedule. The reason is simple – RapidSpec’s quotations come complete with auto-generated doorset drawings, providing a comprehensive and visually appealing document. Gone are the days of spending weeks on a document that takes longer to print than to produce. With RapidSpec, you’re not just streamlining your process; you’re enhancing your customer’s experience. The result? An effortlessly professional presentation that makes your customers’ lives easier, ultimately translating into increased orders and more revenue for your business. RapidSpec goes beyond just quoting; it’s a solution that aligns with the expectations of today’s customers. Embrace efficiency, elevate your presentation, and watch how it transforms not just your document workflow but also your bottom line. Try RapidSpec today and experience the difference it can make for your business.

    Finding the best solutions

    Previously, even after accepting orders and commencing production, challenges arose due to communication errors in conveying technical specifications to the workshop floor. This resulted in misunderstandings within the workforce, leading to unnecessary waste of time and materials, with profitability becoming a rare achievement. Recognising the intricate requirements of door scheduling, Database Design took on the challenge to engineer software that systematically addressed these issues. The software, which has evolved beyond its original scope, now offers a multitude of benefits. For instance, it provides instant quotations in the time it takes to select a few options from a menu—sometimes even while the customer is still on the telephone. The undeniable success of this software has led to its maturation and refinement, and it now stands as a proven and reliable product available to the industry. Experience the tried and tested solution that not only eliminates challenges in communication but also brings a host of other advantages to streamline your processes.

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